Jesus’ Return to Cana

With the addition of this section of translation and commentary, covering Jn 4.4.46b-5.1 (a short section!), the first 5 sections of “Come and See”(covering 4 chapters of John’s Gospel) are now available at You can also read and study Sec 1 The Prologue (Jn 1.1-18); Sec 2 Witness and Call (Jn 1.19-51); Sec 3 New Beginnings (Jn 2.1-3.36); and Sec 4 Jesus in Samaria: The Living Water (Jn 4.1-42) I still have 4 more sections to add: Jesus and the Sabbath, Jesus and the Passover, Jesus at Tabernacles, and Deepening Conflict. This will take us to the end of chapter 10 of the Gospel. Lots of coding in my future!

I hope you find this resource (and the others on the website) useful. If so, please share the URL with others. And I would love some feedback! You can email me at or leave comments on any blog post.


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