Keeping Calm and Carrying On!


I have been deeply immersed in working through the issues surrounding the story of the woman taken in adultery, the so-called Pericope Adulterae (or PA for short), preparing to study Jeremiah with our parish Bible Study group, and working on the other blog post that went up today.

Working on the PA and how it fit in to the narrative of John’s Gospel caused me to change my original outline of the commentary. I had been intending to put the PA translation and commentary into an appendix and just leave John 7.53 through John 8.11 out. I realised that just wouldn’t work, though, and it was quite a surprise in my thinking. If you’re interested in the PA and its place in John’s Gospel, you may be interested to check out the new section, Section 8, of the gospel text and commentary over on

Section 9 will also take some time to put into shape for the website. There is still a subsection unfinished. So it will take a bit to get Section 9 up. After that, I will be moving into totally unexplored territory, beginning with the story of Lazarus. I will try to keep up with the blog while this is going on, so continue to watch this space and check out the translation and commentary!

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