Keeping Calm and Carrying On!


I have been deeply immersed in working through the issues surrounding the story of the woman taken in adultery, the so-called Pericope Adulterae (or PA for short), preparing to study Jeremiah with our parish Bible Study group, and working on the other blog post that went up today.

Working on the PA and how it fit in to the narrative of John’s Gospel caused me to change my original outline of the commentary. I had been intending to put the PA translation and commentary into an appendix and just leave John 7.53 through John 8.11 out. I realised that just wouldn’t work, though, and it was quite a surprise in my thinking. If you’re interested in the PA and its place in John’s Gospel, you may be interested to check out the new section, Section 8, of the gospel text and commentary over on

Section 9 will also take some time to put into shape for the website. There is still a subsection unfinished. So it will take a bit to get Section 9 up. After that, I will be moving into totally unexplored territory, beginning with the story of Lazarus. I will try to keep up with the blog while this is going on, so continue to watch this space and check out the translation and commentary!


A New Post!

I’ve just added a new essay to the “Bible 101” section of the site. It’s about the Bible and same-sex relationships. This is an issue that I’ve been engaged with for decades, since the 1970s in fact. The essay is based on a presentation I made back in 2002 or 2003 at Redeemer when we were considering blessing same-sex unions. However I think it should still be of interest, especially here in the Anglican Church of Canada, where we are currently involved in a canonical process to amend the marriage canon to permit same-sex marriages. If you’re interested in the topic, please head over to and take a look.

Another Complete Section!

Today I uploaded the translation and commentary for chapter 5 of John’s Gospel, the story of the healing at the pool of Bethesda and the subsequent argument between Jesus and his critics. Please visit to study this section. You can send me reactions through the blog comments or direct by e-mail to

In my outline of the text, this comprises Section 6 of the text and comments: sections 7-9 are waiting for coding and uploading, and then I am back to translating and commenting with the story of Lazarus.

Another blog post is coming soon: the topic is baptism.

Jesus’ Return to Cana

With the addition of this section of translation and commentary, covering Jn 4.4.46b-5.1 (a short section!), the first 5 sections of “Come and See”(covering 4 chapters of John’s Gospel) are now available at You can also read and study Sec 1 The Prologue (Jn 1.1-18); Sec 2 Witness and Call (Jn 1.19-51); Sec 3 New Beginnings (Jn 2.1-3.36); and Sec 4 Jesus in Samaria: The Living Water (Jn 4.1-42) I still have 4 more sections to add: Jesus and the Sabbath, Jesus and the Passover, Jesus at Tabernacles, and Deepening Conflict. This will take us to the end of chapter 10 of the Gospel. Lots of coding in my future!

I hope you find this resource (and the others on the website) useful. If so, please share the URL with others. And I would love some feedback! You can email me at or leave comments on any blog post.

More Commentary!

I have added another section of commentary today, and hope to have more still to add tomorrow. I also corrected some typos and similar problems, and added the abbreviations and biblbliography page to the outline. So you can see that things are moving along nicely. I’m hoping to have a ‘real’ blogpost, not just an admin post to tell you about more of the commentary, in a few days.